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Stepping Out Into New Things

Posted on: December 10, 2011

God is always doing new things.  Stepping out into something new in our life can be very scary.  We can choose to continue living in our past.  We can choose to stay where we are.  But God doesn’t want a stagnant Christian.  He also doesn’t want us reliving our past to the point where we aren’t able to move forward and make progress.  It’s okay to remember the good things of our past, but not to get stuck there.  God wants us to step out into new things.  He wants us to trust Him no matter what, with no apprehension.

I ask myself, “Why are you so resistant to new things, when you can clearly see how God has pulled you through so much in your life?”  Times when I didn’t think I had it in me to go one more day, one more week, one more year, my God got me through.  I don’t like being uncomfortable.  Maybe that’s where my resistance stems from.  Fear usually plays a part in it–fear of the unknown.  But mostly, I just don’t like being uncomfortable!

The Bible doesn’t tell me that I have be to comfortable to be obedient.

Sometimes I just have to do things afraid.  Look at all the wonderful stories in the Old Testament when God wanted someone to step out into new things.  One of these stories is in Joshua 1.  God tells Joshua that it’s time for him to take his new position.  Moses had died and Joshua was in mourning.  God tells him it’s time to move forward into his new responsibility, leading the people into the Promised Land.  God tells him to,

“Be strong (confident) and of good courage…” (Joshua 1:6)

This process also involves “letting go”.  To let go of something that I have held dear to my heart is not easy!  God is finished with a certain part of my life and if I am to grow further in my walk with Christ I must make a choice to start living, leave a relationship behind and step out in faith.  I shouldn’t be afraid to walk away from something that God is finished with because His Word tells me He as something new and wonderful for me.  My God is a good God and He is a faithful God!   Being a Christian, I must avoid anything that may compromise my relationship with Jesus. This includes friendships and relationships.

The enemy loves to steal our joy because after all–a weak Christian is not an effective Christian.  Quite frankly, I’m tired of allowing that to happen.  So I am making a conscious choice to step out into new things today and trust in the Lord to direct my paths and lead me into a new part of my life.

8 Responses to "Stepping Out Into New Things"

The thing about God is he doesn’t make us do anything. We choose how we want to live and God let’s us. He choose us first but we did not have to choose him back. Jesus came to earth as a man to die believing in faith that we would believe in him and his resurrection. He would have come if only for one of us were to believe. I am glad more of us choose to believe every day. Jesus saved your life, he saved my life and healed me. Praise the Lord that I can get as close as I can to my Father God. Everyday I get closer and closer to him until one day when I walk with him and disappear. Keep sharing it is a Blessed Thing. Thank You Perry

It’s amazing to think that Jesus would have come to die on the cross even if just one of us chose to believe in Him. I look forward to that day when I will be with Jesus too. Thank you for reading and commenting. God Bless and have a super spirit filled day my friend! 🙂

I am reminded of a story I heard a long time ago about a tightrope walker, the best in the world, walked a tightrope strung between two New York City buildings, many stories in the air.

There was a reporter present to record the event as the walker first walked from one building to the other, and then rode a bicycle back to his starting point.

The reporter was ecstatic over the story he would be able to give to his newspaper, and heaped praise upon praise at the tightrope walkers amazing accomplishment.

Then the walker asked the reporter, “Do you know who I am?”, and the reporter responded, “Of course, you are the greatest tightrope walker who ever lived.”.

The walker asked, “And do you believe that I could carry a man between these buildings piggyback?”, and the reporter said, “Of course, you can do anything!”.

And with that answer, the walker turned back to his rope and told the reporter, “Hop on!”.

And that’s what God says to us, “Hop on!”. And it is scary sometimes! There is no question about that.

If the one asking us for our trust were anyone less that the Sovereign God of the universe Who had already proved His love for us by sacrificing Himself on a cross because He loved us, hopping on would not be an act of faith, but of foolhardiness.

Thank God, not only do we have Him during times like these, but our network of believers as well who can support us, whether the network consists of Christian friends or online Christian friends, we have those who will pray for us and support us.

God bless your journey!

Thank you. Cool story. Your words of encouragement and support are greatly appreciated! God Bless!

It’s always a ”Trust” issue but God is faithful and just to reveal to us that as long as we follow Him, we will never go astray so go for it 🙂 I know God is with you and His promises are always true in our lives 🙂 God bless 🙂

Thank you for the encouragement! Sure do need it. God Bless!

Good Morning Michele,

well at least where I am its good morning, I was getting ready for church so I would log on to read your blog, it reminds me of the one I wrote the other day, about the friendsships that I once depended on, but now I dont want to be a part of that life anymore. I dont want to let go of those friends they have been good to me, but if i am forced to make that decision I know what my choice will be, thank you for sharing this post.

Have an awesome day.

Yes, I remember your post and it seems we both are going through something very similar right now. So let’s be strong together and be of good courage! 🙂

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