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Nothing By Chance

Posted on: December 28, 2011

I don’t think anything really happens by chance in my life.  I believe that God is involved with me from the biggest to the smallest detail.  I am in a constant state of awe of how God works in my life, and this is a really good place to be!  I experience joy and it is a heartfelt, in my soul, joy.  It’s a feeling that no drug could ever compete with.  I have never felt such a feeling from any substance I put in my body that can compare to what joy in the Lord feels like.  I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of contentment, that my life is finally on track, and going the course that God has wanted for me all along. 

Of course, because of my free will and terrible choices I’ve made in my past, I have had to come to this place of joy and purpose by doing it the hard way.  But that’s just me, not everyone has to go through the gutter like I did and it is my hope that anyone who reads my blog will not let it get that far.  I’ve had many a chance to turn away from a destructive lifestyle and I certainly wish that I would have sooner.  I know God certainly wanted me to but He remained faithful no matter how far “gone” I had become and I praise Him and honor His name as often as possible because of it.

This past year has been a tough year for me.  But I endured.  And I was patient.  And I cried.  And I doubted.  And I feared.  And I worried.  And I trusted.  And I remained steadfast.  And my God remained faithful and I’m still here.  I am REALLY looking forward to this new year.  This is my year.  No……..this is God’s year.  This is His.  This year I’m going to let the light of Jesus shine through me for others to see.  I want them to see what a beautiful and wonderful thing it is to have God in their life.  I want to be walking proof that the Lord can not only change you but He can COMPLETELY free you from bondage.  I don’t have to live my whole life in recovery because I have recovered.  There is a misconception in some secular recovery programs that we, as former addicts and alcoholics, will never fully recover from addiction.  We can and it is through Jesus Christ that makes this possible.  Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.  He and He alone can make us free from anything that holds us in bondage.  I am walking proof.

So nothing in my life is happening by chance.  All I have to do is keep doing the right things and be obedient to God, to keep Him first in my life and first in my thoughts.  As long as I do that, God will handle all the details.

19 Responses to "Nothing By Chance"

Sorry….just catching up on some past writings. This joy that we have found in our recoveries is exactly what I want to share with those yet to experience it.. It is so deep, so true, so fulfilling that I am thankful for my addictions that took me to the place where I had to find and know God. In getting to know Him better this joy, this uncomprehensible joy is what I want to share with others. He is our God of joy and hope!
Thanks for confirming this joy and keep writing sister!

Your comment brings a smile to my face, and I thank you for that. I feel the same way. I use to say that I wish everyone could have what I have but I don’t say that anymore because that’s not true. Everyone CAN have what you and I have. So I now say I wish everyone had the “willingness” to get what I have. 🙂 Many blessings to you Tom and have a Spirit-filled day!

Tom, you make an excellent point! I grew up knowing about God, but not a clear understanding of what Jesus did. If not for my addiction to drugs and alcohol, I am not sure what in my life would have brought me to a saving knowledge of Jesus death and life.

With you, I thank the Lord for my addictions, because the brought me to that indescribable joy that only knowing Him can bring.

That’s awesome John thank you! 🙂

Amazing post. God helps us to plan the right things for each day and things fall into place for amazing days.

Thank you for visiting my site. I really appreciate the encouraging words. God is wonderful isn’t He? Many blessings to you!

That is an amazing post. I am glad I stumbled upon it. There seems to be good food around–I will return for more. Happy New Year!

Thank you so much. I happy you found my site and your welcome anytime! Have a happy new year to you too.
God Bless!

You’ve got it right my sister ~ you ARE a walking example and HIS testimony! You ARE recovered! You are NOT in bondage! Your slate IS clean! You have been set FREE! You are FORGIVEN!! We understand this doesn’t mean we are perfect now ~ we are still human, so of course we will continue to make mistakes, but you can be set free in those even and not become a slave to them anymore, by seeking forgiveness and trying to learn from them ~ PRAISE GOD!”

I, too, have had to learn too many lessons the hard way. We can only pray that our testimonies can help someone, somewhere avoid some of the same kinds of pain and suffering we have maybe endured. Often times though, our pride and flesh will want to experience things for ourselves verses heeding the wisdom of wise advice 🙂 Also, “God will handle all the details” is such a beautiful and perfect statement.

I’ve sent you emails my friend. Keeping you in prayers and I hope you have a happy, safe and wise Happy New Year 🙂 Love Ya!

Thank you and your encouragement is heartfelt, I really appreciate that! Happy New Year to you too and let’s all strengthen our faith and further our walk with Christ this coming year. God Bless you my sister!

Steadfast – Faithful and Trust
Fear Not ( my motto for 2012)
God Bless

That’s awesome! Thank you and God Bless!

This is so powerful! Thank you for sharing your faith and trust in God. I am grateful for your example! Thank you!

Thank you so much. Your kind words are much appreciated. It’s touching to know my words can be powerful. 🙂 God Bless!

Hello My friend,

what a wonderful post, I really am very happy for you. not only has God blessed you with an amazing job but he has also taken away your addiction problem, you are such an inspiration to me. And I hope that you have a blessed year ahead.

God Bless

Thank you so much and many blessings to you too!

Amen Michele!

A wonderful post and great testimony to the power and faithfulness of our God!

I like what you said about recovery too. I started my alcohol recovery in AA. I had a sponsor, worked the steps, and did all the things that a recovering alcoholic is supposed to do. But then,about a year into my recovery, I stopped going to meetings. Not because I had slipped, or even because I was feeling weak or drawn to alcohol again.

At that point I was 100% sure that I would never drink again. I was 100% sure that God had healed me (again) of my addiction to alcohol,and that going to more meetings wasn’t going to accomplish anything that hadn’t been already.

My God is faithful, and yes, more powerful than any drug or any addiction. And yes, joy in the Lord is a better feeling than any drug could ever be.

Thank you so much for sharing that John. I’m so glad you liked the post. I know you can relate to alot of what I talk about and I’m happy to have met you. Many blessings to you my friend. BTW, God answered my prayer about a job. He gave me exactly what I needed and a little more. God is amazing!

Hallelujah! Yes, He certainly is amazing! Congrats on your new job. Even more importantly, thank God for it!

God bless you!

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