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Ways To Mature Spiritually

Posted on: January 4, 2012

I recently read a book written by Robert J. Wicks, “Prayerfulness, Awakening To The Fullness Of Life”.  He makes a list of ways we can mature spiritually and how to appreciate each day if we put these into practice in our daily lives.  I wanted to share them with you as they are exactly the things I want to achieve in my own life.

~  gain a clear awareness of what you are experiencing, thinking, or feeling without judging yourself or others;

~  develop a sense of intrigue about yourself and others without projection (blaming others), self-condemnation, discouragement, or expectations;

~  gain more interest in discovering the presence of grace—namely the wonderful gifts of God—rather than merely focusing on your own accomplishments;

~  gain an appeciation of being in the now and willingness to return to the present when you are drawn into the past or begin to be preoccupied by the future;

~  develop a spirit of “unlearning” and a willingness to see life differently that is inspired by the Lord’s call to “make all things new”;

~  gain a non ego-centered approach to life that recognizes it isn’t all about me;

~  gain a willingness to recognize, embrace, and flow with change;

~  gain a spirit of receiving life as it is without reaction or rejection;

~  develop a gratitude and an openness to being nourished by God in everyday life;

~  gain a focus on those activities that create well-being instead of suffering for others…and ourselves;

~  gain an appreciation of the beauty of patience and enjoying the process of life rather than solely looking forward to completions or successes;

~  develop an interest in letting go of the “secular training” we have received in grasping, being envious, angry, and unkind, and instead an openness to sharing without an expectation of getting anything in return, being intrigued by our responses so we can learn from them rather than responding by being defensive or self-indicating, and slowing down rather than straining toward goals (even perceived good ones);

~  gain an avoidance of comparing ourselves favorably or unfavorably with others;

~  develop a greater desire to be sensitive to how our words and actions affect others;

~  gain an openness to “spiritually touching” all of our denials, loneliness, shame, and negative feelings about ourselves with compassion, rather than running away from them;

~  allow information, negative and positive, familiar and unfamiliar, to flow to us without being obstructed or modified by our ego or fears;

~  develop an increased desire for transparency and being persons without guile in the way we live so we can help purify—rather than contaminate with our defensiveness—the spiritual atmosphere in which we and others live.

“Practicing, not just knowing about, these characteristcs results in your getting all out of the life that God gives you as a gift.  In addition, and of possibly even more importance, doing this will help you face life’s difficulties, gray periods, or sad experiences and deepen you in ways you may never have dreamed possible.  This will be a gift to those with whom you come into contact as well.”

This may seem like a long list but they are completely attainable by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.  So let’s pray for God to work in our lives to achieve these beautiful qualities every Christian should have and to grow spiritually mature as God’s Word tells us to do (Hebrews 5:12-14).

16 Responses to "Ways To Mature Spiritually"

Great list, and so true! One of the main areas where I need to work on this is in comparing myself to others. Sometimes I want to have an easy way of measuring my spiritual growth. But really I just need to keep my eyes on God and not compare my growth with what I think other people are doing.

Danielle Street writes a blog that deals with growing in maturity. Her website is If you have a chance, check it out!

Thank you for the website, i will check it out for sure. Thanks for the feedback and many blessings to you Aimee! 🙂

…marvelous and practical checklist, friend. Thanks and God bless.

You are very welcome and God bless you this day! 🙂

Sound advice. I live by the words of Archilocus: “We do not rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training.” The knowledge of what to do is useless unless we apply it over and over again.
Peace & grace,

Wise words. Thank you for your feedback and many blessings to you!

This one just nails it! I have a book I would like to suggest to you that I think you would really enjoy. I finished it yesterday and I was totally moved, it’s a very special book! If you haven’t read it yet it is called “The Greatest Miracle in the World” by Og Mandino. I touches on all these same principles listed here. I highly recommend it. It’s just such a powerful book! Thanks for another awesome post! God Bless!

Thank you so much for book recommendation. I love to read and I will definitely get this one. Many blessings to you Kevin!

I just went to ebay and purchased the book. Looking forward to reading it! Thanks again my friend!

Thanks for passing this along! Great list to review regularly!

Thank you Tom and many blessings to you today! 🙂

Thanks for sharing this my friend

Your welcome and many blessings to you today. I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for the long comment on your last post. I didn’t realize I typed so much until after I sent it. LOL

Oh dont worry, I enjoyed reading it 🙂

Wow! This is a great post. I shared the link on my blog. You are so right in saying that every Christian should have these and that they are attainable as the Holy Spirit empowers us. As you said, I pray for God to work in my life to achieve these qualities.

Thank you so much. I want to read this list daily to help me develop all of them. Some of them I have achieved and some I have not. It’s a growing process and a continual one. Many blessings to you Tricia 🙂

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