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Obeying God’s Principles Brings Great Benefits

Posted on: March 28, 2012

Living a life pleasing to the Lord is ultimately every goal of a dedicated Christian.  Proverbs 3 gives us some principles to live by as well as the benefits that come from obeying these 6 principles.

•  Key Principle to Successful Living (3:1,2):

Keeping the commandments affects our inner being–our heart–our mind, soul, emotions and will.

Principle:  Obey the instructions of our parents and God.

Benefit:  Gives us a better chance of living a long and successful life.

•  Key Principle to a Good Reputation (3:3,4):

Love and faithfulness are attributes of God and we should strive to acquire these characteristics in our own life.

Principle:  Be committed to God’s Truth.

Benefit:  We develop a good reputation with others and God.

•  Key Principle to Right Path (3:5,6):

We get into trouble when we begin to trust in our own resources and abilities.

Principle: Trust only in the Lord not in our ourselves.

Benefit: He will make our paths smooth.

•  Key Principle to Healthy Life (3:7,8):

Turning from evil brings us health spiritually, psychologically and physically.

Principle:  Have great reverence and awe for God while fleeing evil.

Benefit:  You will live a very healthy life.

•  Key Principle to Blessings (3:9,10):

God blesses those who are faithful, generous and sacrificial in their giving.

Principle:  Put God first in your giving by giving your most and your best.

Benefit:  You will discover more blessings than you can imagine.

•  Key Principle to Love (3:11,12):

Afflictions and learning from our mistakes develop our character.

Principle:  Accept the sufferings and difficulties in life.

Benefit:  You will find the assurance of a Father who loves you.

4 Responses to "Obeying God’s Principles Brings Great Benefits"

Very nice refection in the Word! Nice simple truthes that guide and guard us! Loved it. Thanks!
Great to see you writing!!

Thanks Tom. I like the simple truths too. God Bless!

Your third principle just jumped off the blog and into my consciousness. I guess I really needed this one, (actually I needed them all, but this one particularly), the Key to a Right Path. You say, “We get into trouble when we begin to trust in our own resources and abilities.” I have just lived this for the past two years. I was trusting in resources other than the Lord and I lost my way. I was truly on the wrong path. I knew it, but I didn’t trust enough to switch paths. Someone had to force me to switch paths and I went in shock. Now I realize that the boot was the Lord’s and He is even using my mistakes for His glory. Isn’t that just like His amazing grace?

Great post today, Michele,

Where would we be without His amazing grace, right? I think it’s human nature to rely on our own resources and abilities. But as a Christian, we are set apart. We have to behave and react differently, that’s our responsibility as a Christian and we have to conciously be aware of it all the time. Thanks Dawn and have a super blessed day!

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