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I’m Still Here

Posted on: January 4, 2013


If I don’t have any other testimony, I have this…”I’m still here”.

This past year has brought many struggles, much confusion but also revelation.  Much of the bad stuff was of my own doing, making poor choices and getting myself in trouble.

Once again God saved me from myself.  God’s love for me blows my mind really.

You know the verse that says, “pray for your enemies”?  I tried this with my boss.  Granted, my boss really isn’t my enemy but sometimes the way he treats me it feels like he is.  He can be pretty brutal with his words.  And I can have a pretty bad attitude when it comes to someone verbally attacking me,  or rather I “perceive” it as an attack.  I was becoming pretty miserable and hating going to work every day.  I DREADED it when I saw my boss’s car when I pulled up so I would sit in my car for a few minutes before every shift and ask God to help me get through my shift without getting upset, or storming out, or getting a bad attitude, and I would ask God to keep me tough and help me get through it biting my tongue, help me, help me………..

And then one day I got a smack upside the head!!   The Holy Spirit said flat out, “Michele, you are praying the wrong prayer”.  You should be praying for your boss. So I listened and started praying for my boss.  I prayed with sincerity and that’s when things started to change.  He wasn’t as rude and nasty to me like he usually was.  He wasn’t constantly down my back about stuff.  It changed!!  or was it me who changed?

All I can say is the Lord is an amazing and wonderful God.  He takes my breathe away.  In everything I do I want to bring glory to Him.   Through my prayers, through my mistakes, through my job, and through my daily life I praise Him.

19 Responses to "I’m Still Here"

This is such a great post because it’s true! Our Financial Manager does not hide the fact that shes racist. She always has it in for me because I’m white and openly says how she doesn’t like the other white employees. Things were getting bad as she was working against me and my Assistant, and one Monday I prayed for her heart and over her office before she came in – you can’t believe the change! She’s even participating in our cookie swop we have organised in the office! God is GREAT!

That’s wonderful! It’s really amazing how praying for someone that we are not too fond of changes how we feel about them and then we get to watch how our prayer is working on them! God is so good and He cares about every thing, big or small, in our lives. Thank you for commenting and many blessings to you!

amen….I can relate!

Thank you ! Many blessings to you friend. 🙂

Great testimony and lesson for all of us. Praying you are doing well and giving Him glory:)

So good to hear from you Tom. Hope all is well with you and your family. Happy new year to you and God bless! 🙂

Thank you and praying blessings upon you and your new year as well. He is still here too:)

Thanks Tom, and happy new year to you too friend. 🙂

Michele I have to say the most inspiring thing you have written for me is mentioning stuff about angels and demons, which is really cool, along with telling your story about your hard times and asking us to help you through them. You are so open and interactive. I love how you managed to sort things out with your boss by looking at him from a different perspective. That’s all it takes sometimes.

May your year be filled with blessings and promises 🙂

Thanks for this post.

Thank you so much for sharing that with me. I’ve gotten so out of touch with blogging and by hearing your comments makes me miss it more. You made me smile. Thanks again and many blessings to you my friend. 🙂

Thank you very much. Many blessings to you too. Will pray for safety in all you’re doing and a wonderful and extravagant return when the time comes. Peace and blessings to you 🙂


I had a woman Bible teacher once tell me ‘help me’ prayers don’t help much because we are asking God to help us. We can do nothing so His helping us amounts to nothing. He must do it. She said to use the words ‘I choose’ in place of the words ‘help me’ in prayer. For example, I would pray “I choose to love” rather than “Help me to love”. When it becomes a matter of my choosing and I choose to point myself in the right direction, God will bless because I have His heart. Praying for the other person is always a plus, as you discovered. Perhaps that is also a way our attitude is changed. I heard it said that you cannot hate someone you pray for consistently. Prayer softens our hearts toward the person.

Thanks for sharing your experience. It brought back to my mind a lot of good teaching on prayer and prayer and Bible memorization are my two priorities for the year (along with getting enough sleep, wink).


Thanks so much Dawn. Always a pleasure hearing your wisdom. God bless you my friend. 🙂

God Bless
Keep Praying

Thanks Susie! Many blessings to you!

what a wonderful testimony!

It is good to hear from you and that is an amazing testimony! The power of prayer (regardless of who is changed; hopefully all of us) cannot be put into mere words… it must be witnessed in action. Blessings and prayers as you grow in Christ Jesus. The struggle is a joy when we see the fruit it bears.

yes, the struggle becomes a joy when we see the fruit it bears. I love it when it works !! lol i had one server tell me Michele you better pray I don’t kill em today….LOL god bless you my friend good to hear from you

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