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Do Demons Walk Amongst Us?

Posted on: August 6, 2013


I’ve been wanting to write a post about this for quite some time.  First, I will tell you I watch way too much tv.  I love true crime & court shows.  For instance, I watch Court TV, In Session, Nancy Grace, Dr. Drew, Forensic Files, Wives with Knives, Snapped, Deadly Wives, Motives & Murders, Sins & Secrets, Deadly Affairs, Happily Never After, 48 Hours Mystery, Dateline I.D., and City Confidential.  I don’t just watch them, I DVR them while I’m and at work and when sleeping.  DVR is the coolest invention ever.  Seriously.

It’s safe to say I watch a lot of crap on TV.  But my favorites are the ones where the wives get fed up and “off” their spouse.  The abusive, nasty husband who cheats and beats up his wife on a regular basis……then they get whacked.  Shoulda been nicer to her,,,, jerk.

If you’re sitting there with your mouth open and a look of bewilderment on your face, don’t worry.   I’m not crazy, just well……damaged could be a good word for it I guess.  You see a lot of the people depicted in these shows have something in common with me and the course of my life.

I have walked and lived amongst people who behave like this.  I have been the victim as depicted in these shows (minus getting murdered of course).  But I have also associated with the demons who reek havoc and mayhem on all the people around them.  And I do believe these people have demons in them.

What sparked the interest in writing this post is a current trial I’ve been watching on ‘In Session”.  The man is being convicted of murdering his 14 year old stepson.  He did it and admitted it.  I won’t go into the details of the trial but what sparked me today to sit and write was when this man was on the witness stand.  I clearly believe he has a demon (or many demons) inside him.  There is no conscience.  He tortures puppies. He killed his stepson to get back at his ex-wife.  I have not seen the whole trial yet and don’t know all the facts but what I saw today was the dude sitting on the stand saying “she killed my son so I killed hers.”   Revenge. Sicko. Demon.

Are humans REALLY capable of that?  Or is it a DEMON inside doing it?  I want to ask my Christian friends out there this question.  God made us in the likeness of His image.  His purpose was not for us to kill and destroy each other.  Satan came in and tempted Eve and it wound up destroying God’s divine plan because of a choice that Eve made.  But before Satan came into the picture, was it in our nature to kill?   What is it in our nature to “to eat or be eaten?”.

Let me ask this…..Did God know that Eve would give into Satan’s lies and eat the apple?  If He did, why did He create us knowing we would fail?

I know I went a little off topic here but when I was a teenager (grew up in Baptist church) I would ask this question that no one could answer for me……if God is “All Knowing” then He knew there would be so much suffering and pain….why did He create earth and humans knowing that?

demon peopleI honestly believe that a few people I work with have demons in them.  I can even see it in the way their face distorts.  And their eyes.  Those black voidless eyes.  It’s freaky.  I steer clear of them and and usually say a quick mental prayer for strength.

This post is kinda all over the place so sorry guys.  Letting thoughts run wild a little today.

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Thank you for the reblog!

I love watching these shows too. I also DVR them. My husband finds it weird that I watch them before I go to bed. I am addicted to Dateline, the OWN channel (Oprah’s channel), and Investigation ID. Like you, it’s kind of scary that I can identify with both the victim and the victimizer, which is the reason I think I am fascinated with these shows. Of course, there are some that I watch and I think, what is wrong with these people and our society? I don’t know if it is demons, they just don’t have a conscious, or a soul. Some people have no remorse, which is what is scary.

I agree. It’s all very dark and gloomy but for whatever reason I’m drawn to those shows and it interests me. Maybe for us who have depression we have an inner darkness that makes no sense to us because our hearts have compassion and love. Quite the opposite of how we feel at times. Thanks for reading. I also started a new blog about sobriety and recovery” Have a great day!

Hey Sober Chick, girl I’ve got a story for you…I’d like to email it to you. I have to protect my dignity and privacy. In a nutshell, I fell in love with a man for the first time in my 33 yrs. He would enter a room and my whole psyche would go completely haywire…it felt supernatural. I thought he felt the same magic I felt for him. In the past few wks, my life has spun so out of control…but I’m awake now and more alert and in tune to things around me. Bottom line..I’m convinced he’s a demon.

Scary blog today….but true!

lol I know. God bless. 🙂

Absolutely I believe that demons walk among us. The demons that attack us and attached onto us are the one’s that do not have those “voidless eyes”. But the ones that may even sit in the pew beside us or stand behind the pulpit. The one that pumps our gas or gives us a friendly hand shake. Not all demons *look* like demons. Those are the ones that scare me. That’s why I need to know that I am totally engulfed with the Holy Spirit all the time!

Absolutely. “Engulfed with the Holy Spirit all the time”–well said. Thank you for commenting and the follow. God bless!

@”Did God know that Eve would give into Satan’s lies and eat the apple? If He did, why did He create us knowing we would fail?”

tough question. you are not the first one to ask, and personally, i have asked the same question to God

i believe God has plan B. God didn’t just created the sheep to add another type of creature in the animal kingdom.

long before Adam and Eve Sinned, the sheep was there.

whats this thing about the sheep you ask?

it is to typify Jesus.

the possibility to fail is real, because Man has “the will”.

through the will, it is possible to choose “tree of Life” and “tree of knowledge of good and evil”

man is a slave to good and evil. some say “i should have chosen good over evil”
but in reality, no matter which decision it is, it is still bound by the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil

i guess the question we should ask is “why didn’t Adam and Eve ate from the tree of Life?”

i think if that happened, all this troubles in life are non existent

– grace and peace

Thank you for your thoughts. Interesting and good insight. Many blessings to you. 🙂

If the purpose and plan of God could be destroyed by the choice of one of His creatures, He’s not much of a God. He is weak, unwise, and rather dumb. OR does He have a purpose beyond what you and I may understand? Is He all-powerful, all-knowing, and ever-present? Is He really the Most High God? The Bible says that all things were created to demonstrate His glory. How all these things reveals His glory may be beyond our understanding (read Job 38-41), but if He is who He claims in the Bible, His glory and the wisdom of His plan, will one day be shown to all.

Very well said. I look forward to that day. God bless you Richard!

I definitely think demon’s walk among us and sometimes in us. I really feel satan’s army is getting stronger and stronger. I too, have come across individuals that make me call out to the Lord for protection. Enjoyed your thoughts today, thanks for sharing! ~Blessings~

Thanks for relating to my thoughts. Blessings to you too Rebecca. 🙂

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