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If I want Christ to change my life, then I have to do my part.  I have to learn how to think and act in new ways.  So how do I do that?  How do I tell what is wisdom if I only know a certain way of acting and thinking?   If true wisdom was staring me in the face, how do I recognize it?  God’s Word gives me some guidelines.  Two aspects of wisdom are spiritual wisdom and practical wisdom.  Spiritual wisdom gives us the insight, an awareness, an inner knowing into the true nature of things.  Paul told us in Colossians 1:9-10,

“..We ask God to give you a complete understanding of what He wants us to do in your lives, and we ask Him to make you wise with spiritual wisdom.  Then…you will learn to know God better and better.”

I’d like to emphasize the first three words, “we ask God”.  In order to gain spiritual wisdom we have to ask for it.  Not only does His Word say we will receive wisdom if we ask for it (James 1:5), it also says we will sometimes get a special kind of wisdom,

“that your hearts will be flooded with light so that you can understand the wonderful future He has promised to those He called.” (Ephesians 1:18 NLT)

As human beings, we like to understand things.  We like things to be logical.  God will flood our hearts with understanding.  Godly wisdom can be recognized by it’s qualities.  James 3:17 says,

“But the wisdom that comes from heaven is first of all pure.  It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others.  It is full of mercy and good deeds.  It shows no partiality and is always sincere.” (NLT)

Practical wisdom can be judged by whether my actions deviate from God’s instructions or not.  God will lead me to a healthy and stable life, not a chaotic or hurtful one.  So I know I can use this as  a standard for my decision making.  There may be times when I don’t understand, but I have to just follow what I know.  I have to follow what I have peace about.  By doing that, I have a better chance of recognizing true wisdom.


A little about name is Michele and I am a born-again Christian. I was saved as a teenager and graduated from a Christian high school. I am a mother of one son who is the world to me. Despite my upbringing, later in life I fell into a life of self destruction which led me down many dark paths. I am a recovering addict and alcoholic and I have a great passion for Christ and His amazing power to heal even the worst cases. I am living proof of the miracle of God's power to change your life and way of thinking. Nothing is impossible with God.


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