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I would like to thank My Journey With God for nominating me for another award. Blogging has been such a wonderful experience for me and has really impacted my walk with Christ.  Thanks again Bernadette!

As with most Blog Awards on WordPress there are stipulations that must be met upon acceptance of the award.  With the 7×7 Link Award the first thing you have to do is tell something about yourself that nobody knows.

I love television and can watch it for hours.

Next: 7×7 links to my pieces I feel are worthy to link up:

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Most Helpful: Recognize True Wisdom

Most Popular: Developing A Christ-Like Attitude

Controversial: The Little Sins Under My Breath

Most Surprisingly Successful: Aligning Our Thoughts With His

Most Underrated: The Devil and His Tactics

Most Pride Worthy: The God Of Hope

Next step to the 7×7 Award fulfillment is to nominate 7 bloggers who I feel deserve the honor and hopefully haven’t already received it.  In no particular order:

Out Of The Dark Into The Light

The Woman At The Well


This Beating Heart

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It is my hope that you will be blessed by these beautiful people and their sites as much as I have.  It is with great appreciation and heartfelt thanks for all of you who follow my blog and for all of those who stop by.  God bless you and Happy New Year!


I humbly accept and with heartfelt thanks to writersfield for nominating me for this beautiful award.  It is truly an honor.

I also want to thank everyone who follows my site and for all of those who stop by and leave me a “like” or a comment.  Blogging has been an unexpected, majorly positive impact on my life as a Christian.  I still can’t believe I started this only 6 weeks ago and have had over 1000 views and 52 followers right now!  It’s so exciting! 🙂

For this award I will say 10 things you don’t know about me, after which, I will mention 6 others worthy of receiving this award:

1)  My name is Michele.

2)  I am 41 years old and live in beautiful Venice, Florida, with my dog Meeko.  He is a King Charles Spaniel.

3)  I have a 21 year old son who is studying Exercise Physiology at Valdosta State University.  He has a 4.0.  And yes, I’m bragging.  He is my pride and joy.

4)  I accepted Christ as my Savior at 11 years old and did it again at 16 years old after I truly understood what salvation was really about.  But I never really lived my life as an authentic Christian until 3 years ago. 

5)  I never really knew my biological father and only met him once when I was 5 years old.  I remember him lying to me and my brother.

6)  I have an amazing family who never turned their back on me during the crazy years of my using, although they did have to practice tough love.

7)  I recently ended a 3 year relationship with a man I was going to marry and I now live alone with my dog.  And honestly, I’m loving it.

8)  My grandmother is my best friend.  She just turned 88 years old a couple weeks ago.

9)  I lived on the street for 2 years and have experienced what true hunger really feels like.

10) I can wiggle both ears and also do it one at a time.

The 6 worthy of honor

I hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I have.  They have been a blessing to me and they all share the massive love for God that I have.    Thanks again to writersfield  and many blessings to everyone!

A very big thank you to Bernadette – My Journey With God for awarding me the King of Kings friendship award!  This is so appreciated and has touched my heart.  She has been a great new friend to me and her writings have both inspired me and brought me encouragement.  She is a wonderful sister in Christ and I hope she will be a blessing to you as she has been to me.

I would like to also pass this on to 2 blogs that I follow, they are John Constitution – My Lord Is Jesus and Jessie JeanineThere are MANY more blogs that have made an impact on my daily life as a follower of Christ, but these are two people that have been very special to me.  I encourage you to check out their sites and introduce yourself.  They are awesome!

May God bless all my new friends I have made through blogging and it is my hope that we all can be a support and inspiration to each other in our walk with Christ.

A little about name is Michele and I am a born-again Christian. I was saved as a teenager and graduated from a Christian high school. I am a mother of one son who is the world to me. Despite my upbringing, later in life I fell into a life of self destruction which led me down many dark paths. I am a recovering addict and alcoholic and I have a great passion for Christ and His amazing power to heal even the worst cases. I am living proof of the miracle of God's power to change your life and way of thinking. Nothing is impossible with God.


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